Concrete Driveway Maintenance

Vehicle & Pedestrian Traffic

Each site’s foundations vary, as will weather conditions so it is of upmost importance that clients seek advice regarding the timeframe in which the driveway will be ready for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Generally we advise concrete can be walked on after 24 hours but a minimum of 7 days is required for any vehichle traffic and 14 for heavy vehicle traffic (any trucks, buses, caravans, trailers or commercial vehicles).

All vehicles should avoid parking or driving within 300mm of an edge to minimise concrete cracking.

Note: The edges of concrete paving are the most susceptible to cracking or failure.


Preventing Fading & Staining

Sealing of any paved area is highly recommended to minimise fading, staining and cracking.

To remove a stain advice should be sought as to what product and method application should be used. Australian Concrete Driveways Pty Ltd recommends trialling any stain removal product on a small area of concrete to test for reaction or further staining.


Cracking & Damage

Cracking in concrete is somewhat controled by “Control Joints”. These are more flexible join areas are designed to attract cracking and in turn prevent cracking to the general paved surface.

A good sealant sprayed whilst the concrete is drying will significantly reduce the chance of any cracking.

Due to the nature of concrete as a material and recent drought conditions, standards stipulate tolerances for concrete paving to crack.

These cracks are commonly known as “hairline cracks”.

Varying weather conditions (wet & dry) will cause each building site’s foundation to react. Those with reactive foundations (Class S, M, H, P or E) should expect hairline cracks in varying weather conditions.

Do not try to repair any damaged or cracked concrete. In the event of cracks greater than 2.5mm wide, the client should contact Australian Concrete Driveways Pty Ltd for review.


Planting (including Trees)

Trees or plants with significant root systems should be kept well clear of concrete paving or slabs.

Note: Any tree or plant should not be planted within the (tree/plants) mature height x 1.5.

(i.e. A 4 metre high tree should not be planted within 6 metres)


General Care

Once the driveway has cured it is important to follow general care practices.

The information above is advisory. It is provided in good faith and not claimed to be an exhaustive treatment of the relevant subject.

Further professional advice needs to be obtained before taking any action based on the information provided.

For any further advice contact Australian Concrete Driveways Pty Ltd.


I will only recommend Australian Concrete Driveways to my clients because I know the clients will not be disappointed.

Daniel Hills (Construction Supervisor - Henley Properties)